[ANN] Release Candidate for Groovy 2.1.0

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[ANN] Release Candidate for Groovy 2.1.0

Guillaume Laforge-2
Hi all,

As promised before the Christmas / New Year's Eve break, I'm happy to announce the availability of the Release Candidate for Groovy 2.1.0.

Please be sure to test that release and give us your feedback, before we go final.
Unless really critical bugs or regressions arise, we're aiming at going final by the end of the month.

Download and try Groovy 2.1.0-rc-1 here:

The JIRA release notes:

As a reminder of what's coming (pending the final release notes document), here's what you can expect from Groovy 2.1:
  • complete invoke dynamic support when running with the "indy" JAR on JDK 7
  • upgrade to GPars 1.0: the Groovy distribution now bundles the GPars 1.0 final release
  • @DelegatesTo annotation: to help IDEs and the static type checker and compiler to know that method calls in a method parameter closure are delegated to another parameter of the method -- nice for DSLs like in Gradle build files
  • custom type checking extensions: so you can type check your DSLs at compile-time with your own logic
  • meta-annotation system: which allows you to define a new annotation actually combining several others -- which also means being able to apply several AST transformations with a single custom annotation
  • custom base script class flag for the groovyc compiler: to set a base script class when compiling Groovy scripts
  • compiler configuration script: to let you define various configuration options for the Groovy compiler, like specifying custom file extensions, various compilation customizers to apply, etc.
  • compilation customizer builder: a special builder for specifying compilation customizers
  • jar://, file://, http:// prefix support for launching Groovy scripts from the command line
  • and many bug fixes and various minor improvements
Thanks a lot to all the contributors to this release!
And on behalf of the team, I wish our Groovy users all the best for 2013!

Guillaume Laforge
Groovy Project Manager
SpringSource, a division of VMware