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Distributed Application

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Hi GPars Users.

 I need to develop one distributed application using GPars framework, my main objective is to make a cloud application as distributed. With the help of the library provided by GPars, I m unable to find out the following steps:

- How can I create a node object and host object and how to make relationship with them and how can we make synchronization between local node actors with Remote node actor object. Please suggest.
- I have written some code based on what I understood and I am not sure if it is correct, please advice.
- I have this code snippet in my  ClientPrg

public class ClientPrg {
      public static void main(final String[] args) {
            NettyTransportProvider transport = new NettyTransportProvider();
            LocalNode mainNode = new LocalNode(transport);
            final MyStatelessActor actor = new MyStatelessActor();
            LocalNode ln = new LocalNode(transport,
                  new MessagingRunnable<String>() {
            protected void doRun(final String s) {
                  System.out.println("Received in doRun: " + s);
If anyone has worked on any distributed application please revert back.